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Our Expertise

Integrated Joinery Solutions expertise is in providing leading edge automation solutions to the joinery industry.

Integrated Joinery Solutions is a full service company. You benefit from the peace of mind that comes with dealing with the one company every step of the way. Our expertise is in providing automation solutions to the joinery industry, from kitchen manufacturers to commercial shopfitters and joiners with the aim of increasing your productivity and profitability. Our goal is to partner with your business and identify ways to improve your business through better processes and use of technology. Our goals are to reduce manual processes, increase productivity and reduce wastage through automation, with the aim of increasing profitability and sustainability.

We do this through

  • Sourcing state of the art CAD/CAM software to keep your business at the leading edge of technological advances
  • Unique FAST Track Service which allows you to see the software solution in action before purchase
  • Consulting to identify and eliminate manual processes
  • Advising on process implications of new machinery purchases
  • Providing expert setout resources for short and long term projects, complete with own software and hardware, eliminating the need to employ extra resources
  • Developing libraries of your specialised product lines to speed up production & eliminate errors
  • Upskilling employees through training
  • Provision of Australian based technical support for supplied software