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Select Custom Joinery

Select Custom Joinery is a small specialised business designing and creating sustainable joinery / furniture solutions owned by Gino & Robyn Monteleone.

We started the business in 2000 and for a few years it was just us. We have now grown to include 3 skilled staff and the plan is to keep the business at this size.

We work across a range of areas including residential kitchens and bathrooms, custom furniture for both residential and commercial markets, one-off timber pieces including solid timber doors and smaller custom pieces like clocks and jewellery boxes. Our focus is on using sustainable material, with an emphasis on bamboo.

Due to the custom nature of our business we design a lot of our work in-house. Prior to investing in TopSolid'Wood we were supplying our designs with simple 2D elevations. Our cutlists were entered manually into an Optimiser and then labels and cutlists were printed. We needed to have better presentations of designs, and streamline the cutlist process to make it quicker, and have less errors.

When investigating the different software options on the market I used a clock we had previously designed and built and asked a number of software companies if they could create the clock with their software. Most of the software companies we talked to were honest with their feedback and told us that their software was unsuitable for this type of work. However, the representative from Integrated Joinery Solutions was confident that it would not be a problem for TopSolid'Wood.

Other factors we took into consideration were the fact that TopSolid'Wood could link through to our Optimiser and automate this part of our process too. And the comprehensive support we would be offered through the Partnership Plan; being a small business the after sales support was vital.

We undertook the training at the Integrated Joinery Solutions office and that allowed me to get to know the team that would be supporting Select Custom Joinery. I have found the team at Integrated Joinery Solutions to be great, they are very patient. Both the team and TopSolid'Wood have been flexible in meeting our specific requirements as our situation is a little different to most as we do not link straight to a CNC machine.

Our transition has been slowed by the fact that we don't have a dedicated setout operator and I need to juggle learning the software along with many other responsibilities. But the more I use the software, the more my knowledge grows and I am confident TopSolid'Wood is meeting our requirements.

One of the features I am really pleased with in TopSolid is the Drafting (workshop drawings) – it is fantastic. We are often presented with changes and alterations to a design. After changing the design, the drafts are automatically updated. This is a real time saver.

At some point I will take advantage of the advanced training offered by Integrated Joinery Solutions to further streamline our processes. Although we are still in the transition phase, I am looking forward to moving our business forward with the help of the Integrated Joinery Solutions team and TopSolid'Wood.