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Integrated CAD/CAM Software developed for the Joinery Industry with a 'Design to Build' philosophy

TopSolid'Wood is a world class integrated design and production CAD/CAM software solution that was developed specifically for the Joinery Industry. TopSolid'Wood is joinery software that is designed to save you time and money through using cutting edge technology to support the most efficient processes. As a market leader throughout Europe in the joinery market for over a decade, Australia & New Zealand are now reaping the benefits of TopSolid'Wood software.

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TopSolid'Wood is a software solution that ticks all the boxes for all types of joinery businesses:

Save Time

  • One software system for ALL work streams; custom + standard
  • Make changes to designs in seconds
  • No more redrawing models from scratch due to client/architect revisions
  • All dimensions fully parametric including radius & diameter
  • 10+ Automatic Construction Types; Screw, Cams, Dowels, Biscuits, Multi-Component
  • 15 Wood Operations; Moulding, Counter-Moulding, Groove, Rebate, Sawing, Tenon-Mortice, Multi-drilling, Turning
  • Panel Processing; Edge banding, Laminate, Multi-layer board
  • Superior library functionality, working at both component & unit level complete with hardware + machining
  • Reduced learning time with one solution for design through to production
  • Reconstruct 2D drawings into 3D images

Reduce Errors

  • Fully integrated system – no data loss exporting to other software
  • Models have a “history” which you can delve into and modify at any stage

Less Wastage

  • Visual solution; assign edge banding, fixings and machining visually; be confident that what is modeled is manufactured

Better Communication

  • Can import & export in over 35 different file formats; 2D and 3D
  • Superior Drafting functions; fully associative with changes to drawings instantly reflect in plotsheets
  • Creation of meaningful visuals and shopdrawings as hardware and machining can be included in the drawings, providing accurate hardware totals report
  • Dimensioning, sections, details, cutting lists can all be created within the plot sheet interface
  • Rendering & Animation functionality
  • 3D PDF viewer functionality

Better Control

  • Create and modify your machining requirements
  • See and control the machining on the 3D models

Competitive Edge

  • Visionary in nature with existing 5 Axis capability
  • Links to all major machining companies & specialist nesting software
  • Integrated Quoting capability


  • Backing of a large global corporation, Missler Software, who are committed to product advancement in the joinery industry
  • Support of local joinery experts, Integrated Joinery Solutions, who partner with your business to achieve maximum return on your software investment

With too many features to mention call us today for a demonstration on how TopSolid'Wood can revolutionise your business.