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TopSolid'Wood Markets

TopSolid'Wood is suitable for ALL of your joinery needs.

TopSolid'Wood is suited to ALL areas of the joinery industry. TopSolid'Wood is a TRUE 3D software. What this means is that you have complete freedom to design anything you need, no matter what.


Standard Joinery; TopSolid'Wood has advanced library functionality. This means that you can quickly establish your own joinery library for repeat projects/units. Simply save a unit into the library and drag & drop for use again & again.

Custom Joinery; you have no limits with TopSolid'Wood. If you can design it, you can draw it with TopSolid'Wood. Then simply add machining to it, which you can see right on the model, and send it through to production using the integrated CAM module or the specialised production interfaces.

TopSolid'Wood is developed with a Design to Build philosophy and supports your entire process from design through to production, no matter what type of joinery you produce.

No matter what part of the joinery industry you currently work in you can be assured that with TopSolid'Wood you are covered. You will have all the functionality you need to move into new market segments, without having to invest in another software solution. TopSolid'Wood caters to 100% of your CAD/CAM needs and lets you say YES to business.